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Troubleshooting Altru Import Errors
Updated over a week ago

There are some items you might need to check in order to validate why your Cuseum account is not bringing data to your Cuseum account, or, in case you're seeing an import error in your Cuseum account:

  1. (2023 case): Blackbaud is migrating all their Altru customers from their traditional solution to a Microsoft Azure cloud-powered solution. This change involves modifications that affect your Database URL. They should've sent you an email if it's your turn to migrate. In this email, they will inform about the new Database URL, but if not, please contact them to request it.

  2. Altru is down, or any Blackbaud service Altru depends on is down. You may check here:

  3. Your query parameters/fields have changed: If you made any modifications to the query Cuseum uses on a daily basis, you must let us know so we can review. We strongly suggest you maintain your query as consistent as possible to avoid any fetching disruptions with your Cuseum account.

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