Miscellaneous On-Site Signage
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Improving awareness through promotion.

Let's get your members excited about their digital membership cards before their next visit! We're here to ensure that you're utilizing your digital membership card tools to their fullest potential.

Ignorance is not bliss in the case of digital membership cards! It's important to create awareness and visibility in any way that you can, so that members and visitors know about the awesome benefit of having a digital membership cards.

It's a great idea to take advantage of signs and screens through out your institution, especially ones near information desks and membership areas.

Example: Posters

Posters are a great way to keep your members and visitors informed about digital membership cards while they are walking around your institution. The Children's Museum of Tacoma made this fantastic poster that is fun, informative, and eye-catching!


Example: Cards

Digital memberships are a great way to attract new members. Not every visitor will stop and talk to visitor service associates, but eye-catching cards can provide quick information for those walking by the membership area or information desk.

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