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Newsletter Promotion
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Improving awareness through promotion.

Let's get your members excited about their digital membership cards before their next visit! We're here to ensure that you're utilizing your digital membership tools to their fullest potential.

Paper Newsletter

Your paper newsletter is the perfect resource for promoting awareness and visibility of your digital membership cards. A paper newsletter increases the odds of reaching members that do not provide your institution with their email address, making it a hugely important resource. The more your members know, the more excited they will be!

It's best to keep the article short and sweet, while still providing valuable details. If readers want more information they can always follow up with the website's FAQ page.


Content will need to be personalized to your institution, but some text to include could be:

  • Our museum is coming into the digital age! We are thrilled to offer our new digital membership cards, which can be downloaded and saved to your smartphone. Going digital means that you never have to worry about forgetting your membership card at home, in addition to being more environmentally friendly!

  • Starting March 25th, we will be launching our new digital memberships cards. Every member will be issued a downloadable digital card that they will receive via email. The cards can be downloaded to both iPhones and Androids and will save in your wallet app.

  • Your digital membership card is unique to your membership and displays your name, membership level, expiration date, and a barcode to scan. It’s exactly the same as your current card, but much more eco-friendly and more difficult to lose! It will update automatically when your membership information changes and is shareable amongst multiple people for those that have Family

  • The newsletter would be a good place to discuss other member benefits and/or member events that are upcoming. It’s great to associate the digital membership cards with general member benefits and promotions. It is also a good space to discuss different membership programs to remind your members of the different options that they have.

  • To conclude the discussion on digital membership cards, it’s important to direct members to the FAQ page and to reiterate if the cards will be mandatory or an opt-in option. This should be very clear so that members are not confused on their status.

Digital Newsletter

Content for digital newsletters can mirror paper newsletters. There are two approaches to incorporating digital membership card promotion into your digital newsletter: stand-alone and continual promotion.

Stand-alone promotion entails promoting your digital membership cards with a one-time feature in your member newsletter.


Continual promotion means having a small section featuring the digital membership cards for multiple weeks/months in a row, but the promotion isn't in the front and center.

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