Instagram Promotion
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Strategy for social media and beyond.

Let's get your members excited about their digital membership cards before their next visit! We're here to ensure that you're utilizing your digital membership tools to their fullest potential.


Instagram is perfect for image-friendly businesses and raising audience awareness. You may choose to share pictures of a gallery incorporated with the museum or perhaps of visitors using their digital memberships.

Let your followers in on the process by posting graphics we provide to you to your page, such as a mock-up of the membership card. Finally, you can also use pictures you already have of your museum. For instance, share pictures of galleries/collections/objects to promote (new) member engagement. You could even make a daily Instagram/Twitter/Facebook countdown leading up to your launch day by sharing photos of your museum with a text overlay of days until the app release.

Instagram Stories is also great resource for providing step-by-step video guidance on how to download and access digital membership cards.


  • Get ready to experience #YourMuseum like never before. We've teamed up with @Cuseum to launch digital membership cards, launching December 21.

  • Is that a new member in the #GalleryName? Become a member today and download our new digital membership cards to have access to exclusive museum events and new promotions.

Here are some more examples of photographs and captions that you can use on Instagram!

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