Facebook Promotion
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Strategy for social media and beyond.

Let's get your members excited about their digital membership cards before their next visit! We're here to ensure that you're utilizing your digital membership tools to their fullest potential.


Facebook is the main forum for multiple points of interaction — from photos to edutainment (educational entertainment) to community events. It allows you to share announcements, events, and promotions to get your members excited about their membership experience.

Let your followers in on the process by posting graphics we provide to you to your page, such as a mock-up of the membership card. Finally, you can also use pictures you already have of your museum. For instance, share pictures of galleries/collections/objects to promote (new) member engagement. You could even make a daily Instagram/Twitter/Facebook countdown leading up to your launch day by sharing photos of your museum with a text overlay of days until the app release.


  • Experience Your Museum Name like never before. We've teamed up with Cuseum to use digital membership cards, launching December 21.

  • We’re excited to announce that we’re partnering with Cuseum to bring you an easy and eco-friendly way to utilize your membership. Stay tuned for more info about our digital membership cards!

  • Today's the day! Our digital memberships are live, and we're so excited for you to experience Your Museum Name in a whole new way.

  • Can't get enough Your Museum Name? Becoming a member has never been easier with our new digital membership cards!

  • Sometimes, it's okay to play favorites. Become our new favorite visitor by signing up as a member at Your Museum Name with our new digital memberships.

  • Happy three week anniversary to our digital membership cards! It's been exactly three weeks since we launched our digital membership cards. Our members are enjoying their new, downloadable cards!



Below demonstrates how you can utilize your Facebook page to continue to promote awareness of digital membership cards, even after you launch! It's a great way to remind your visitors and members that they have a new, convenient perk!

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