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Printable Promotional Materials
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Promote your app offline.

Not everyone who comes into your museum will follow you on social media or know that you’ve got some big changes waiting for them. So, spread the word and let them know that you’ve got an exciting new app. Not only does Cuseum power your visitor experience app, but we also can provide you with ready-to-use print signage.

These materials are an excellent way to share your app with visitors who are already in your museum, thus encouraging on-the-spot engagement. Furthermore, our materials can be strategically placed to catch the eye of visitors no matter where they are. From front desk (takeaway cards, posters) to entry walls (wall labels) to an artwork itself (stop numbers), they can have the opportunity to download the app at any point along the way.


Visitors can feel free to snag a card (which contains pertinent download info) at the front desk, and then download the app at their convenience.



Place free-standing, small posters anywhere in your reception area or exhibition space to get the word out quickly and efficiently.



Integrated a particular exhibition or room with Cuseum? Let visitors know as they approach with a general wall label.


Stop Numbers

See the following section for information on stop numbers.

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