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Your team and institution may have some questions yourselves. Here are answers to common questions associated with our digital membership cards!


Do the cards work on Apple and Android?
The digital membership card is supported on iOS and Android devices.

What are the system requirements for Apple?
The digital cards are compatible with Apple's iOS iOS 6 and newer. 76% of Apple mobile devices use iOS 10 and 18% use iOS 9, so there are no compatibility issues. Plus, the digital cards are smaller in file size than a single photo, so there are no size issues.

How do I know if people are using this?
You can see this the install information displayed in the CMS.

Would these membership cards allow us to track member movement in the Museum (to better understand the busiest times and locations in the Museum)?
The membership cards do not allow you to track your member’s movement. It’s possible to react to location with messaging, but the tracking of movement and location is not technically possible.

Is there any way that we can customize their experience? For example, let’s say a member visits X times or upgrades, could we send a message and offer a complimentary cup of coffee? At this time, the core digital membership card product is focused on the benefit of saving time, money, materials, and delivering member convenience and value. In the future, we may explore adding on a “loyalty card” feature.

How do new members get their digital membership cards?
As soon as the new member enters the database of record, that information is communicated to our solution on whatever schedule you decide (hourly, daily, weekly, etc) to generate and distribute the membership card via email. Alternatively, if you decide to use manual exports from your system, the cards will be distributed on your schedule!

When do people receive their cards? Can we hold off in case we need to make edits to them?
New members are sent cards as soon as they're imported into our system, on whatever schedule you've specified. However, if you held off adding their email address until you were ready, their card would not be distributed until the e-mail address is filled in. This would be an easy work-around.

How do I make changes to the text based information?
The text on the back of the card can be updated in the CMS.

Card Design

Can we include a logo on the front of the card to indicate a certain level of membership?
We can indicate membership level on the front of the card using language, as opposed to a logo. The format of the card is very structured, to make sure it remains simple for the user. We can also indicate their level of membership on the back of the card, as well as listing any reciprocal institutions or other membership benefits.

Can you make it show the current time and date?
Not at this time

Renewal Push Notifications

Can we use push notifications to communicate with members?
Push notifications can be used to send renewal notifications 30 days before expiration, on the day of expiration, and 30 days after expiration, but cannot be customized or sent for other purposes at this time.

How does it send a push notification to you?
It lives within a native Apple app called Wallet, which is how push notifications are enabled.

What does a push notification look like?
It looks like any traditional push notification from any app you may use on your phone. Please contact us for an example.

If I follow that push notification, where does it lead to?
It will open up into the digital card, where information can be displayed.

How are renewals handled? I understand that we can send them reminders. Can they renew immediately via their cells? Would they be redirected to our website?
Renewal messages can be delivered to the member before their membership expires, on the expiration date, and after their membership has expired (if they haven't already renewed). At this time, the renewal reminders direct the user to your website.

Can I change when it will remind people to renew their membership?
Currently, renewal notifications are sent 30 days prior to expiration, on the day of expiration, and 30 days after (if the member still hasn’t renewed).

What is your turnaround time to update membership expiration dates?
Anytime a new batch of data is fetched, the updates appear almost instantly on your visitor’s digital membership card.


Do these cards scan? Can I use my current scanner?
Scanning from a digital screens works on most common optical, CCD, or CMOS scanners. Most modern scanners are compatible, but if you needed a new scanner, there are devices available starting at $35

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